Help! I Think I Might Be Pregnant!

You’ve come to a good, safe and confidential place.

If this would be an unexpected and unplanned pregnancy, we understand and can help you think through your options. You probably already know your choices: abortion, parenting or adoption. None of them may look good, we know. I said abortion first because that’s often the first thing one thinks of just to ‘make it go away’. To get things back to the way they were before…Do you know that most abortions occur within two or three days to two weeks after a positive test? Do you know that the cost and the procedure does not change until after the 12th week of pregnancy? Most women are only 4-8 weeks along when they first learn they are pregnant. So, you have time. If you are pregnant, your life is already changed forever, no matter which choice you make. What you don’t want is to make a major decision when your emotions are in a state of fear and/ or panic. You don’t want someone else to make a decision for you that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. If you are pregnant, you are already a mother. The first decision you will have to make is, ‘am I going to let my baby live, or not’. That’s a major decision. You don’t want to make any decisions until you know for sure that you are pregnant. That means you will need to see a physician who will give you a physical examination that will confirm pregnancy and viability (a living baby).
We can provide you with a free and accurate pregnancy test, not sold over-the-counter. You will talk with a volunteer
mentor/counselor who cares about your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. If your test is positive, she will
give you a verification of a positive test, a Medicaid application and a referral for medical care. She will tell you how far
along you are and your expected due date, as well as your 12-week date, based on the first day of your last period.
We’ll tell you about our Earn While You Learn program and show you our baby store. You may be overwhelmed, but
you will know that there is help available, you are not alone and there is someone who cares about YOU. We’ll give
you accurate information on your baby’s development and the kinds of abortion and the associated risks, as well as
adoption information.
We know that most mothers do not want an abortion. They have one because they think that, in their circumstances,
abortion is their only choice, or the best choice for them. Most post-abortive women eventually come to regret their
decision. We hope that you will take the time, just about an hour, to come and talk with one of our caring volunteers.
You have nothing to lose and we don’t profit from whatever decision you ultimately make. We will not try to pressure
you in any way. We just want you to have all the truthful information you need to make an informed decision with
which you can live.
If you’ve missed your period, or had ‘unprotected’ sex and are afraid you may be pregnant, come see us. Many of our
volunteers have been where you are. We won’t judge or condemn you. We understand and we CARE about YOU.